Gearbox Repairs Pass Cooling Tower Test



Gearboxes at a large chemical plant that were repaired over two years ago, by Renold Gears, are still running satisfactorily and showing no signs of wear despite constant operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 6” vertical worm-gear units are used to drive the large fans at the base of a series of cooling towers responsible for lowering temperatures at various stages of the production process.

The gearboxes had previously been repaired by a local gearbox repairer and were constantly failing after a period of little more than six months. The failure of a gearbox on a cooling tower results in the loss of cooling, which is obviously undesirable in critical situations. What’s more, each time a gearbox failed, the process had to be shut down until a replacement unit could be fitted.

As a gearbox manufacturer, Renold Gears has the necessary expertise and equipment to repair any gearbox made by any manufacturer to its original specifications or higher. Every stage of the process, including cutting, grinding, hardening and inspection is conducted within Renold Gears’ factory by its own highly skilled engineers working on Holroyd made machines. In fact, the quality of repaired units is so high that all gearboxes repaired by Renold carry exactly the same warranty as a brand new one.