Lubrication-free Syno chain takes the heat

Syno Maintenance Free Chain

Renold has developed a high temperature version of its lubrication-free Syno chain for operating in temperatures of up to 200ºC.

Renold Syno NP

Syno features a high-tech sintered bush that releases just the right amount of lubricant, within the chain, during operation. The high temperature version of Syno uses a specially formulated lubricant that works perfectly within the sintered bush and is able to withstand high temperature environments.

Syno chain has been designed for applications where lubrication is undesirable or where access to the chain for maintenance is difficult.

High temperature Syno extends the range of applications that may now benefit from a lubrication free chain and has been used successfully in drying ovens and other industrial environments where heat is a factor.

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