New Oilfield Chain brochure

One of the toughest environments for chain is the one faced every day in the world's oilfields.

Renold Oilfield Chain is designed to cope with shock loadings, fatigue and extreme environmental conditions.

Renold Oilfield Chain   Renold Oilfield Chain with S-Cotter

Manufactured to API specifications, we can offer the security of a Shepherd's Crook cotter from ANSI 80 – 180 and S-Cotter from 200 – 240.

API American Petroleum Institute

Renold oilfield chains are used on:

• Mud pump drives
• Engine compounds
• Tubular and casing draw works input
• Transmission drives
• Catshafts
• Coil tubing injector gripper and skate chains
• Low and high drum
• Rotary countershafts
• Rotary tables

In fact wherever high quality chains are required because reliability is paramount.

Renold offers you a high performance design of a chain that is already the best.