Still going, no wear!


There can be no better endorsement of a manufacturer’s advice than showing what can happen when you follow it. Correct installation and maintenance is crucial to delivering the maximum working life from a chain and that is exactly what the team at a major theme park in Florida have achieved.

Among their many white knuckle rides is the tallest rollercoaster at their park. It is more than 140 feet high and turns riders upside down seven times, reaching speeds of 65mph

Approximately 5 years after the chain was supplied from Renold it was inspected at the request of the park’s maintenance engineers and was found to have virtually no signs of wear. The ride designer had worked closely with Renold from the very early stages and the specification used by Renold for theme park rides has a proven reputation worldwide.

The excellent lubrication regime implemented at the park had ensured that the chain was in a good enough condition to remain in service for yet another season.

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