Oil Condition Monitoring System


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The Renold SmartGearbox Oil Condition Monitoring System (OCMS) delivers an easy to use and effective way to display the real time condition of your oil. It can be used stand alone or simply connected to a variety of control and display systems.

The Renold OCMS increases reliability and performance by continuously monitoring the condition of the oil and reports on any early signs of problems, enabling immediate corrective action to be taken.

As over 75% of all drive system failures are attributed to oil contamination, the new OCMS has been designed to cut downtime, increase production and reduce maintenance.

  • 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination
  • Optimise service levels by accurately predicting future maintenance
  • Increased reliability through continuously monitoring and reporting early signs of issues
  • Lower operating costs through less downtime and maintenance
  • Equipment in optimum condition gives a safer working environment

The Renold OCMS has undertaken rigorous independant testing and is fully certified to international standards.


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