High Performance Sprockets

Renold has now developed a range of High-Performance sprockets. Using 140 years of experience in producing superior chain technology, Renold Strive to continuously set the bench-mark for manufacturing quality in the Chain industry.

Our immaculate R&D has identified the three main issues surrounding sprockets. 

'Fitting a new chain on to worn Sprockets'

Sprockets that have worn beyond a certain point will cause Rapid Chain Wear and should be replaced as soon as possible.

To achieve maximum efficency and reduced downtime on operations, replace your chain & sprockets as a pair. This will ensure noticeably better life from both components.


44093 REN Sprocket Vs Worn


'Low or Inconsistent Tooth Hardness'

Standard duty sprockets may have inconsistent tooth hardness, this also dramitcally increases the wear of both chain & sprocket. Renold's range of high-performance sprockets have induction hardered teeth to tightly controlled specifications. This makes Renold sprockets highly resistant to shock loading and fast running applications.

'Poor or Inconsistent Tooth Surface Profile'

This Prevents the smooth running of the chain over the sprocket, accelerating wear on both components. Renold sprockets ensure a consistent and smooth profile, increasing the life of chain & sprocket and also provides a quieter operation. 


Range & Specification

As part of our comprehensive portfolio of sprockets, our new high performance range is initially available, from stock, in pitch sizes 06B to 16B simplex in pilot bore configuration with new products being added continuously.

  • Renold high performance sprockets adhere to the ISO 606 standard and are manufactured from C45 grade carbon steel
  • Teeth are induction hardened to a tight tolerance in the range 40-50HRC
  • Products are additionally surface treated to prevent corrosion and improve lubricity

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Additional Services

Customisation, rebore, keyway & setscrew modification services are available.
Please contact your local sales office.

*Same day despatch for orders placed by 12:30pm