Water Ride Chain

Constant exposure to water corrosion is a significant factor in limiting the service life of water-ride chains.

To counter this, Renold offer a range of high performance, durable chain solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

In addition to the core processes and technologies described for our roller coaster chain, Renold have developed a range of solutions to meet the specific challenges for water-ride chains.


  • Zinc-based plating - the carefully optimised Renold process ensures a durable barrier, protecting steel parts against corrosion
  • HydroService coating - Renold HydroService provides enhanced corrosion protection whilst improving fatigue performance by protecting against the effects of hydrogen embrittlement
  • HydroService Extreme's dual-stage coating process delivers maximum protection against corrosion and improved fatigue performance


  • Transfer Chain
  • Slatted Lift Chain
  • Lift Chain
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