Tooth Chain

Renold Tooth Chain Produces a wide range of Inverted Tooth Chain for Drives and for Conveying applications. As part of Renold PLC, we deliver high precision engineered and power transmission products to our customers worldwide.

Discover the range of Inverted Tooth Chain products from Renold.


Inverted Tooth Chain for Drives

Inverted tooth chain drives – the concept with unsurpassed characteristics.
Our inverted tooth chain drives make the grade when it comes to precise, fast, and silent drives. Modern machinery production requires drives that offer a high degree of economic efficiency and reliability. 


Inverted Tooth Conveyor Chain

Inverted tooth conveyor chains – a system with many advantages!
Automation solutions with inverted tooth chains from Renold help you to significantly increase the service life of your systems, minimize the downtimes, and ensure sustainable, cost-effective production.