Renold Chain Selector

Using the Renold Chain Selector is a simple process. You can quickly get a recommendation and refine your choices instantly.

The main dashboard has the 3 principle criteria right there at the top:

 Performance Data

 Number of Teeth

 Centre Distance

  • Input Power
  • Driving Sprocket Speed
  • Driving and Driven Sprockets
  • Number of links
  • Fixed centre distance

You can select to work in metric or imperial units and you can indicate a number of factors specific to your application and operating environment.


Once you have provided these few pieces of information, with Chain Selection set to Automatic, you will see product suggestions appear below. Where possible there will be a simplex, duplex and triplex option and you can even select a different brand of transmission chain if you have a particular need or preference.

Each section has a help function, just click on the ? symbol.

If you don't find the chain that you're looking for, you can always contact us directly.

Recommended Chains


Download Your Chain

You can download your chosen product selection as a PDF to use as part of your enquiry.


The Renold Chain Selector makes it easy for you to identify your next high quality Renold chain. Try it today!