Transmission Drive Chain

Behind every conceivable industry and application environment; heavy or light duty, indoor or outdoor, clean or contaminated, conveyor or roller, high or low temperature, Renold is hard at work delivering performance chain and increasing productivity.

Whatever your working environment or drive chain requirement, Renold has the chain for you.

Need help? Use our table to choose the right chain for you   Chain Selecter

Renold designs and manufactures high performance transmission chain that is focused on the key areas of wear resistance and fatigue resistance.    

For a standard drive chain that combines a wide waisted plate shape, for extra fatigue resistance, with an end-softened spin riveted pin for easy installation, view our range of Standard Chains.

Renold also offer a range of roller chains and conveyor chains designed to tackle the challenges of corrosionabrasion, lack of lubrication and shock loadings. In these situations, Synergy, Syno, Sovereign and Hydro-service can deliver significantly longer working life than a standard chain can achieve, this range helps you to pick the right chain for the job.

Renold also offers many adapted and specials for thousands of industrial applications including;

  • Small and large pitch (4mm up to 4 inch) chain
  • Adapted Transmission Chain
  • Hollow bearing pin chain
  • Nickel Plated Chain
  • Zinc Plated Chain
  • Extended pitch chain  
  • Sidebow chain
  • Cranked link chain
  • Bush chain
  • Oilfield Chain
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