Standard Attachment Chain

For all your attachment needs. Renold have a wide range of attachment chains available to suit every need.

-      Standard applications

-      Hygiene sensitive areas

-      Water related environments

-      Highly corrosive

-      Extreme temperature conditions

For Standard applications:

Renold brand standard adapted chain despatched in 24 hours. Guaranteed.

24Hrs Web 150X165

Renold’s dedicated team of specialist engineers provide a guaranteed 24 hour attachment chain service for BS steel  transmission chain, from half inch (08B) to one inch (16B) pitch, with standard M and K attachments, extended pins, and in accordance with customer specifications.

Renold brand is highly fatigue resistant, with breaking loads that exceed all international standards, Renold brand is the benchmark for standard chain applications.

Get an instant quotation over the phone and as soon as an order is confirmed the chain will be built using Renold's high performance base chain and attachments and ready for dispatch within 24 hours.

Quote Over The Phone - +44 (0)161 498 4600.


For Hygiene Sensitive Areas

Low Maintenance _Black _LR

Renold Low Maintenance is the perfect solution for applications where lubrication is not possible, undesirable, or not practical.

Renold’s Low Maintenance brand chain uses clever sintered bush technology. The bush works as a metal sponge - full of small holes that are impregnated with lubricant. During operation, lubricant is released onto the bearing surfaces. When the chain is not operation, the lubricant returns to the sintered bush. This technology makes the chain perfect for hygiene sensitive environments such as paper or packaging industries.

 Renold -LM-Wear -Performance

Renold Low Maintenance vs Renold Brand

The Graph above shows Renold Low Maintenance performs approximately 70% better than Renold brand under low lubrication circumstances. 

Available from 08B to 16B simplex with a standard pin diameter, for more information on dimensions please click here.


For Corrosive Environments

Stainless Steel _Black _LR

Renold Stainless Steel performs extremely well in environments that are acidic, alkaline, where the chain will be exposed to water and for very extreme temperature conditions ( -40° to +400°C ) where resistance to corrosion is critical.


Renold Stainless Steel chain should be selected when resistance to chemical action is essential. It is manufactured using FDA approved material and is pre-lubricated with USDA H1 approved lubricant. All components are made from austenitic rust-proof steel.

Renold -SS-Wear -Performance

Renold Stainless Steel vs Competitors

The graph above shows that Renold stainless steel performs considerably better than several lost cost alternatives stainless products. This is due to:

• Excellent corrosive resistance of austenitic stainless steel

• Pins cold drawn up to 1600 N/mm² - providing superior wear performance.

• Rollers are extruded and solid – these perform more effectively to a curled roller equivalent.

• Plates manufactured to have extremely high hardness; up to 1100 N/mm² - aiding fatigue performance

 Configured Chain - Standard Attachments

Attachment chain requires outstanding service, fast quotations, immediate availability and rapid delivery.

To place your enquiry for standard attachment chain and for over-the-phone quotations call +44 (0)161 498 4600.