Rotary Electric Vibrators

The Renold Ajax R/KBM and R/KBC series is the most economical motor vibrator drive available in the North American market today.

No other electric vibrator motor delivers more value and quality per pound of force output. Our full line consists of models operating at frequencies of 900, 1200, 1800 and 3600 RPM.   

Eccentric weights can be manually adjusted to vary the centrifugal force from 0 through 100%. A suitable model can be supplied for most any type application or environment, and are rated for continuous operation.

Special Features Include:

  • Foot Mounting
  • Cast Metal Housing
  • O-Ring Groove Sealed Covers.  Stainless Steel Covers available upon request
  • Increased Corrosion Protection
  • External Ground Lug
  • CE Certification


Renold AJAX would like to introduce our new line of Stainless Steel Rotary Electric Vibrators!
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Stainless Steel Rotary Electric Vibrators
Food grade motors ideal for applications in food processing plants and in industry lines such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals. These have been developed meeting demands on hygiene, germ-free use and good cleaning characteristics.

Stainless Steel Vibrator Motors
- Standard units available in 4, 6 and 8 pole
- Voltages from 115V to 690V in 50/60 Hz
- Continuous duty at 100% force output
- IP 66 enclosure protection