Renold Syno NP Chain

For use in hygiene-sensitive applications or situations where contamination from lubricant is to be avoided, Renold Syno Nickel Plated chain displays all the characteristics you need from a chain. With a food industry-approved lubricant within the sintered bush, this chain will in almost all instances not need re-lubricating.

The roller coating is also suitable for use in the food industry; a unique feature on any chain.

Available in boxed 10-foot lengths from 06B to 24B and ANSI 40 to ANSI 100, simplex and duplex with a standard pin diameter, this means that Renold Syno Nickel Plated chain is dimensionally interchangeable with standard roller chain and is even compatible with standard sprockets.

With the kind of excellent wear and fatigue resistance that you expect from a Renold chain, Syno Nickel Plated chain outlasts any competitor product promoted as low-lube or non-lube. Already tried and tested by major companies in the food sector and elsewhere, if you have to operate with minimal lubrication but can’t compromise on performance, we can boost your productivity, cut your downtime and save you time and money.

Key Features

  • No lubrication normally required
  • Outside of chain totally dry-to-the-touch
  • Nickel-plated plates
  • Food industry-approved lubricant within the sintered bush
  • Unique food industry-approved roller coating
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with standard chain
  • ISO standard pin diameter, therefore standard attachments on outer links
  • Available in boxed 10-foot lengths from 06B to 24B and ANSI 40 to ANSI 100

Technical Details

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