Synergy Promotion

Renold Synergy

Renold Synergy Wear Life Guarantee.

Renold Synergy will last three times longer in wear than your current non-Renold chain or the next chain is free. It's that simple.

Renold Synergy

Please take a look at the following points which are intended to clarify the way the promotion will work.

  • The decision of Renold Power Transmission Limited will be final.
  • The Renold Synergy chain must have been used in line with manufacturer's recommendations and maintained in accordance with Renold instructions
  • Maintenance records must be kept detailing any system failures, lubrication intervals, cleaning programmes etc.
  • The chain fitted prior to Renold Synergy must have been a non-Renold product. The sprockets must be renewed prior to fitting the Renold chain if there is any prior wear or damage.
  • The replacement chain will be a Renold Synergy chain.
  • Renold Synergy connecting links must be used.





For advice on chain selection and specification, contact your local Renold Sales team.