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Attachment chain is core solution for cider maker

Attachment chain manufactured at our UK Service Centre has provided the solution for a leading cider maker. The chain is integral to the conveying system that transports freshly picked apples into a washing machine at the beginning of the cider making process.

REC 1111 Renold Chain Solution For Cider Maker

We supplied two stainless steel conveyor chains with extended pins and instead of rollers, incorporated a food grade polymer block in-between the plates. The 40mm pitch, 3,000lb chain was produced with 10mm diameter extended pins on every two pitches. The extended pins were designed to support nylon rollers on the washing machine's conveying system.

According to Alec Annand, our operations manager at the UK Service Centre, 'We were delighted to win this order from a leading cider maker as it shows the confidence the company has in the quality of our products. We won the order based on our reputation and ability to supply a quality solution with a fast turnaround.'

We are proud to be a leading supplier of attachment chain to the food and drinks industry with innovative solutions for a wide range of applications. This includes conveyor and transmission chain, stainless steel chain and Syno nickel plated lubrication-free chain with a unique food industry approved coating on the rollers. Our UK Service Centre offers transmission chain with standard attachments in 72 hours, or less if required, and boasts that over the last two years 100% of orders were delivered on time and in full. 

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