Custom Gear Service Provides Complete Range of Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions 

Renold Gears' ability to design and manufacture complete engineered solutions, from custom gear units to complete drive packages provides end users and OEMs alike with non-standard drive technology to meet their exact requirements across a wide range of industrial applications. This is important in many situations, such as when obsolete industrial gear units need to be replaced, or when OEMs need an innovative solution in cases where standard designs don't meet their required specifications.

It's of particular importance for critical applications where custom or standard design gearboxes are engineered to meet exacting life requirements or to suit highly demanding operating conditions. Renold Gears is able to provide full materials traceability with the highest specification quality system requirements such as those required by the nuclear, defence and marine industries.

When obsolete industrial gearboxes need to be replaced Renold Gears is able to replicate the external dimensions and design of the old unit to ensure that the new gearbox is a perfect drop-in replacement with no modifications required. This cuts downtime, retrofitting costs and very often enables an upgrade of the internal gears, made possible with improved gearing design, manufacturing techniques and modern bearings.

Very often custom gearbox designs are required to provide innovative solutions to meet specific requirements, such as the unit's dimensions, weight, and performance. This is the solution when a completely new, bespoke design is necessary or when standard products need to be modified to meet the requirements of the application. More often than not this is required by design engineers at OEMs looking for unique gearbox solutions for their own product innovations.

Additonally, Renold Gears' package drives are complete power transmission solutions incorporating the latest motors, brakes, electronic control, lubrication technology, cooling systems, on fabricated mounting plates. Typical applications include escalator drives, hoist drives, bogie drives, variable-speed mill drives and boat lifts. 

Commercial and precision worm gear sets are designed and manufactured to the unique Renold-Holroyd gear form, widely respected for its performance and reliability on a wide range of applications. High-quality, high specification helical and spur gears are manufactured using leading edge technology. A dedicated gear manufacturing machine shop provides the facilities necessary to manufacture either batch or single components for the precision, high-technology engineering sectors.


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