How the right coupling can increase safety and reliability in mines and quarries

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Choosing the right coupling for your mine or quarry is probably more critical than you think.

Typically applied on key capital plant, such as grinding mills, crushers, conveyors and walking draglines, reliability of your coupling is essential for maintaining high levels of production. Couplings can also be found fitted to the pit-head winder, hoisting both people and coal, where safety is crucial and failure is simply not an option.

Rubber-in-compression couplings, such as the Hi-Tec RB range from Renold Couplings, provide failsafe operation, protecting both your staff and your machinery. Torque is transmitted through compressed rubber blocks, which dampens vibration and eliminates backlash. When rubber is loaded in compression it is inherently stronger than alternative options, such as rubber-in-shear, or tension, where the slightest scratch in the rubber can lead to catastrophic tears and complete coupling failure – resulting in downtime in your production.

Rubber-in-compression couplings also save time in maintenance as they do not require lubrication or adjustment of any kind. The only serviceable items are the rubber blocks, which in the majority of cases are good for over ten years, meaning that rubber-in-compression couplings also provide the lowest lifetime cost.

Intrinsically failsafe and maintenance free – can you say the same about your couplings?

The Renold Hi-Tec RB coupling range is now available off the shelf, so if you need an urgent replacement for your coupling, please call us on +(0)1422 255000.