Renold Gears at BIEMH 2016


Renold Gears will be showing its innovative adjustment system, Ren-Adjust, on stand B31, in Hall 3, at the international machine-tool exhibition BIEMH, from 30 May to 4 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Bilbao, Spain.

Ren-Adjust is a simplified adjustment mechanism for easily adjusting the backlash of dual lead worm gear sets used on precision applications requiring a high degree of accuracy such as rotary tables and machine tools. A key feature is its simplicity and speed of operation compared to alternative systems. As a result Ren-Adjust reduces downtime whenever an adjustment needs to be made.

It has been designed as a drop-in replacement for other systems and can be specified as a like-for-like product. This makes it easy for OEMs to switch to Ren-Adjust without the need to modify existing designs and equally straightforward for machine tool operators who want to replace their existing equipment.

Also on show will be the company's DL Series precision dual lead gear sets that are used by all major machine tool and rotary table manufacturers around the world. Offering many advantages to the alternative split worm gear design, the DL Series provides a kinematically correct gear, that can run in either direction of rotation, and on which the backlash is infinitely adjustable from an acceptable maximum to near zero.


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