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Specially Adapted Oven Chain Bakes the Best Crumpets

The next time you tuck into some delicious warm crumpets, dripping with butter, there is every chance that they made it to your plate courtesy of specially adapted oven chain from Renold. Just recently we won a large order to supply an award winning bakery with 15,000lb breaking load, 5” pitch BS conveyor chain. The chain was designed with special attachments and produced at our dedicated Service Centre in Bredbury, Stockport.

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Special steel attachments, were welded to the inner and outer plates of the chain. These accommodate metal slats that convey rows of crumpets in individual baking tins through the oven at a carefully controlled rate.

The new chain was measured and matched on high precision rigs to ensure that the strands of chain were in perfect alignment with each other during the conveying process. The chain was also specified for its ease of installation and lubricated in-house with high-temperature, food-grade lubricant.

Alec Annand, Operations Manager at our UK Service Centre, said, 'This order demonstrates our ability to respond quickly to customers, to provide custom solutions and to meet and exceed their criteria in terms of quality, special engineering specifications, and delivery times.'

From receiving the order, our Service Centre was able to design and produce the chain to the bakery's exact specifications within just eight weeks. Since installation it has operated perfectly on the oven's conveyor system and has provided trouble free service helping the bakery to meet all its production targets.