Blackpool Pleasure Beach chooses Renold, again!



The need for chain reliability and extended life and performance is critical to all roller coaster rides and the ‘Valhalla’ and ‘Grand National’ rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach are no exception.

During the past two seasons Renold have supplied replacement chains and special sprockets for the original Renold chains fitted  7 years ago on  ‘The Valhalla’ an indoor ‘dark’ water coaster ride.  The ride uses two separate haulage chain lifts to carry the longboats through a Viking themed water splash ride. The chains, which are submerged in water tanks and are zinc plated against corrosion, are M160 with K attachments with each lift using 150m of M315 ISO chain operating on 4 specially designed 15T sprockets.

Renold chains have also been installed one of the Pleasure Beach's oldest roller coaster rides, the Grand National. The special 4.0" P 85,000 lb breaking load Bush chain was originally designed by Renold in the 1930's.  In recent years the chains on this ride have been replaced with various manufacturer's products and subsequently the chain life has only lasted a few years.   However following the success of the Renold chain used on the famous Big Dipper which lasted an impressive 13 years, Renold chains were chosen once again!

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