Renold freewheels are interchangeable with American and European brands



sprag group

Renold Clutches & Couplings, of Cardiff, has announced that its entire range of trapped-roller and sprag clutch freewheels are completely interchangeable with other leading brands such as Formsprag, Stieber, Ringspann and Cross & Morse. To make it easy for engineers to select the correct Renold freewheel, to replace one made by another manufacturer, the company has produced a detailed interchange chart, showing the product codes of each company's products alongside the Renold equivalents.

Martin Slade, Renold Clutches & Couplings' sales and marketing director said: "All our freewheels are available from stock out of our factory in Cardiff, so we're offering customers fast delivery and complete interchangeability with other brands." The company has catalogues for both its sprag clutch and trapped roller freewheels that are available in either electronic or printed formats.