Couplings drive innovative food waste processing machines

Renold Clutches & Couplings, of Cardiff, has won the contract to supply couplings for a new range of on-site organic waste processing machinery for the food industry. The launch of the new equipment follows the development of an innovative new process to convert organic waste, on-site, into a bio fuel that can then be used as a low-cost, green energy supply. Processing organic waste is now required by European legislation governing the disposal of organic material in landfill sites.

The company has spent five years developing its unique organic waste processing system, which converts food waste into a bio fuel that can then be used as a renewable green energy supply. The company's high-tech machines are able to process large quantities of waste, on-site, and convert it into a fine powder thatlooks a bit coffee granules. The powder can then be converted into gas and used to produce green electricity. They will be used by food manufacturers, retailers and processors who will receive the double benefit of gaining a cheap, green energy supply whilst disposing of food waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Renold has won the order to supply its heavy-duty, all-metal, Gearflex couplings to provide maximum power capacity within the minimum space envelope available. They will be fitted on the mechanical conveyors used to automatically feed food waste into the processing system. The company anticipates large orders as the machinery is likely to be located at multiple sites in the UK, wherever food waste needs to be processed.