Rubber-in-compression Couplings - lowest operating costs




Renold Hi-Tec’s rubber-in-compression couplings require zero maintenance and have considerably lower operating costs than alternative gear couplings, the company says.

The most common cause of a gear couplings’ failure is lack of lubrication and as rubber-in-compression couplings require no lubrication then both the service requirement and mode of failure are eliminated. The only components of a rubber-in-compression coupling that require maintenance are the rubber blocks themselves but, on average, they last over ten years before they need replacing.

Gear couplings typically require maintenance every six months and will need replacing approximately every two-and-a-half years. On this basis each Renold Hi-Tec rubber-in-compression coupling saves $2,750 over a five year period, given current market values. That’s a big saving on systems that might have several couplings in operation and doesn’t even take into consideration the savings made by eliminating maintenance, downtime and coupling failure.