Flexible couplings & engine mounts are complete solution for marine applications


Renold Hi-Tec Couplings has launched a new range of flexible couplings and engine mountings for use in the marine industry with high speed, flex-mounted diesel engines. The new VF couplings are designed to provide the low radial and axial stiffness required for connecting flex-mounted diesel engines to gearboxes secured rigidly to a vessel's hull. The company has the in-house skills and expertise necessary to conduct a complete harmonics and shock analysis of a vessel's propulsion system in order to select the correct coupling and engine mounting for each application. This ensures that the two components are working together in harmony to provide the shipbuilder or repairer with the complete solution.

Flex-mounted engines, commonly found on leisure craft, are increasingly finding applications on workboats, fishing boats and tugs to reduce hull vibrations and the noise output of the vessel. The flexible engine mounts isolate the noise and vibrations of the diesel engine from the ship's hull, and the new VF couplings provide the low radial and axial stiffness necessary to minimise loads on the gearbox. The new product range has been designed for leisure craft and workboats with a torque range from 5,000 to 18,000Nm.