Couplings Cure Misalignment Problems


 Renold UJ Coupling

Renold Hi-Tec's range of UJ couplings is the perfect solution for serious misalignment problems in power transmission systems for torques of up to 18,000Nm.  The couplings consist of a rubber-in-compression coupling and a universal joint assembly and are designed to transmit torque between a diesel engine and a driven interface where the two cannot be aligned accurately.

The couplings are also used where there is a distance between the driving and driven elements or where one can move radially and axially in relation to the other.  The rubber-in-compression coupling is intrinsically fail safe, controls torsional vibration and provides damping for the drive train.

Typically suited to off-road vehicles, agricultural machinery, marine propulsion, rail traction and pump sets, the UJ coupling range is designed to accept the industry standard DIN, SAE and MECHANICS flange designs for engine flywheels from SAE 10 to SAE 24.