Couplings for Safety Critical Applications


Rubber-in-compression couplings, from Renold Hi-Tec, provide fail-safe operation on applications such as mine winders, hoists, draw-works on drilling rigs and industrial overhead cranes.  The intrinsically fail-safe construction of the couplings protects both people and plant on safety critical applications from the potentially catastrophic consequences of coupling failure that could result in the sudden loss of drive and the load being dropped.

Rubber-in-compression couplings are comprised of two round metal sections fitting one inside the other with what looks like the paddles of a paddle steamer projecting inwards from the outer section and outwards from the inner.  Rubber blocks are placed in the spaces in-between the paddles, and, as the outer section is turned by the motor, it drives the inner section through the rubber blocks.

There are no wearing components in a rubber-in-compression coupling as there are in gear or other types of metallic coupling.  As the rubber blocks are totally enclosed in metal they can only change shape during operation and will not wear or fail, thus ensuring that the drive is always maintained.  This is particularly important on safety critical applications such as mine winders carrying people and ladle cranes in the steel industry where molten metal is being lifted and moved.

Rubber-in-compression couplings are also maintenance free and offer the lowest lifetime operating costs over other coupling types.  They are backlash free and protect plant and equipment from otherwise damaging vibration, shock loading and torque amplification, lengthening its life and reducing maintenance.

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