Renold Couplings Prevent Costly Excavations


Renold HTB_GS rubber-in-compression coupling 

When a large equipment manufacturer needed a long term solution to protect against costly coupling failure  on their excavators, they turned to Renold Hi-Tec Couplings of Halifax, England.

The company were previously using rubber-in-shear couplings which were failing after 4000 hours of operation.  Each time a coupling failed the excavator had to be stripped down and the coupling replaced. This was proving costly as the excavator runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and any unplanned downtime means that the cost per tonnage, of material excavated, increases.

The coupling is fitted between the diesel engine and the gearbox, which has 3 outputs.  These outputs drive 3 hydraulic pumps which in turn drive all the motions on the excavator.  As these excavators are used on very demanding applications, good coupling life is very important.  Renold therefore recommended the HTB-GS rubber-in-compression coupling.  Its intrinsically  fail safe, maintenance free and severe shock load protection properties, coupled with its high temperature capability of 200 deg C made it the ideal choice.

The HTB-GS has already far exceeded the 4000 hours life of the rubber-in-shear coupling and is still going strong.