Chain Technology Knows No Barriers



The flood defence barriers on the River Thames have a tremendously important job to perform and ensuring that they are able to withstand the enormous physical demands placed on them is equally important.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at the Dartford Creek Barrier, where chain from Renold forms part of the mechanism that raises and lowers the sectioned gate.

These substantial chains are 6.5" pitch and approximately 44kg per foot! Such is the load placed on these chains that the maintenance team responsible for the barrier rely on Renold's unique diagnostics technology to monitor the system.

By taking readings from microprocessors attached to the chain, Renold engineers are able to establish whether the chain is operating at levels close to or above its recommended value. This provides adequate warning for adjustments to be made.

With successes ranging from theme park rides and agricultural machinery to confectionery production, Renold Smartlink represents a unique opportunity for maintenance engineers to discover more than ever before about what is going on inside their chain drives.

For more information about the ways that Renold Smartlink can improve chain drive performance, go to the Smartlink page by clicking on the link below or please email .



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These towers are over 100 feet high!

This chain is 44kg per foot!