New DCB-GS Coupling from Hi-Tec





New Specialist Coupling for Diesel and Generator Applications

Renold Hi-Tec Couplings of Halifax, West Yorkshire, has launched its new DCB-GS rubber in compression coupling; a zero backlash, very low maintenance unit specifically designed for use in generator set and general diesel drive applications.

Described by Renold engineers as a 'quart in a pint pot,' the DCB-GS is based on the industry-proven DCB range and offers considerable advantages over the standard product including a 30 per cent reduction in weight and a reduction in overall length.

Incorporating a fail-safe, long life design, a significant feature of the DCB-GS coupling is its ability to control resonant torsional vibration, resulting in low vibratory loads in driveline components.

As with all Renold Hi-Tec couplings, the DCB-GS is robustly constructed for optimum durability and flexibility, while pre-compressed, moulded rubber inserts minimise backlash and prevent metal-to-metal contact during torque reversal conditions. Fully dynamically tested, the DCB-GS has been found to withstand 20,000 full torque reversals without evidence of damage.

Torsional stiffness is similar to that of the original DCB, however the DCB-GS may be tuned independently for lower torque stiffness and can accept nominal torque ratings up to 846kNm. Standard DCB rubber blocks are used in the product, with a full range of rubber compound options available for optimum stiffness and damping.

The DCB-GS is available now from Renold agents worldwide.

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