Freewheels Workout on Rowing Machines



Keep fit enthusiasts the world over will benefit from British made trapped-roller freewheel clutches supplied by  Renold Clutches and Couplings, of Cardiff, when they sit down to work out on rowing machines manufactured by WaterRower.  The British company's freewheels were chosen to prevent the WaterRower's unique water flywheel from reversing direction at the end of an exerciser's power stroke.  Renold's freewheels will only allow movement in one direction and are commonly used throughout industry in backstopping applications.

The unique WaterRower is one of the most realistic rowing machines on the market.  It utilises the natural resistance of water sealed in a chamber with paddles that are pulled through it by the actions of the exerciser.  The paddles are designed to move in one direction around the circular chamber so that a flywheel effect is created during rowing activity.  This results in the same smooth, even feeling of resistance that the rower of a real boat would experience as speed is increased.  Renold's freewheels were chosen for various reasons but quality, reliability and worldwide availability were cited by WaterRower as the three key factors.