Gearbox range is extended


Renold SMXtra

Renold Gears has extended its SMXtra range of shaft mounted helical gearboxes, for heavy duty applications, to include sizes 11 and 12 that match the largest equivalent units from Fenner, Benzler Sala and Dodge.  The ATEX approved range is now available in 12 sizes up to 235kW capacity with a choice of single or double reduction units with ratios of up to 25:1 and output speeds from 10 to 400rpm.

The SMXtra gearbox range is manufactured with hardened, profile ground single helical gears with high capacity bearings to ensure maximum power transmission, maximum load carrying capacity and longer life.  The units mount directly onto the shaft of the driven machine completely eliminating alignment problems as there is no need for couplings, base plates, slide rails or support structures.  They are ideally suited to heavy duty applications in hostile environments and provide the ideal drive for many types of machinery.

Depending upon requirements the SMXtra range can be fitted with advanced seals to optimise protection from dust and moisture.  Additionally, by reversing one element of the standard design , the seal can provide additional security to prevent the egress of oil into sensitive environments such as in food manufacturing.  Renold Gears has produced a new catalogue for all the gearboxes in its SMXtra range, including the new sizes 11 and 12, with details of the power ratings for each unit.