New Renold RP Series is Interchangeable with other Manufacturers



Renold RP Series

Renold Gears, of Milnrow, has launched a new range of in-line geared motors with bolt-on foot mountings for ease of interchangeability with products made by other leading manufacturers.  The units are supplied with the correct foot mountings for each application so they can easily be installed without any re-engineering.  The new RP in-line helical speed reducer and geared motor units are available with ratios of up to 363:1 and 7.5kW capacity.  They have plug-in IEC and NEMA motor adaptors and have ATEX approval across the range.  The units are available with single, double or triple reductions and have been designed with high tolerance, heavy-duty bearings for trouble-free operation and maximum load carrying capacity.

They have been launched by the company for applications in conveying, mining, packaging, textiles and other general industrial applications.  A range with cast iron housings is also available, but without bolt-on feet, up to 22kW capacity, for heavier duty applications.