New Range of Shaft Mount Speed Reducers is Maintenance Free


Renold RF Series


Renold Gears, of Milnrow, has launched a new range of shaft mounted helical reduction gearboxes with flanges for direct mounting of IEC and NEMA motors.  The hardened and ground helical gears are housed within a lightweight aluminium casing that is vacuum impregnated with resinol and then filled with lubricant.  The resinol, combined with high temperature nitrile seals, keeps the lubricant in the box making the new RF range completely maintenance free.  There are oversized bearings on both the input and the output shafts for frequent stop/start applications and to accommodate maximum output bore diameters.  The aluminium casing has been machined to allow the mounting of a variety of accessories and is easily customised to suit end-user requirements.

The units are suitable for use in all applications, with ATEX certification for explosive atmospheres and the availability of stainless steel components for use in the food processing industries.  They are available in four sizes with ratios ranging from 8:1 to 300:1 and with two and three stage helical reductions.  Output torque range is from 15 to 850Nm and power ratings are up to 7.5kW.  All the units are interchangeable with those of other manufacturers enabling simple replacements to be made without modifications or re-engineering.