Construction Pumps with Renold Gears



When a US pump manufacturer was looking for a gearbox to drive their construction diaphragm pumps, Renold Gears supplied the ideal solution.

Based in Jacksonville in the sunshine state of Florida, USA, Myers-Seth pumps were looking for a replacement gearbox to drive their popular 4" diaphragm pump.  The double diaphragm pump is a rugged trash pump and is designed to work in the harshest environments such as dewatering, well pointing, sewage bypass and tank transfer applications.

The heavy duty WM Series worm gear was selected as the ideal solution due to its high ratings and therefore long life.  The WM unit is driven by the single cylinder diesel engine  with a rigidly fitted output shaft arrangement.  Each output shaft is fitted with an off-set eccentric which operates one of the two diaphragms at a time.

The double diaphragm pump eccentrics are driven by the WM gear unit and are alternatively filled and emptied by fluid that is drawn in through a suction inlet and discharged through a common outlet.

The WM unit is specially modified for the customer's application and is finished in black paint to fit directly on to the diaphragm pump.

Myers-Seth's Doug Myers commented; "The WM was an ideal solution to drive the pump and Renold has provided great back up customer service from their US operation in Westfield, New York state".