Renold Gears is Exhibiting at Power-Gen 2010




 Renold HC Series  Renold Large Worm Gears


Renold Gears is exhibiting at Power-Gen International, Orlando, Florida (14-16th December 2010).

You can find Renold on Booth 4205.

Renold will be promoting their power generation products including; custom made gearboxes and large custom made worm gears.

The Renold HC Series range of helical and bevel helical gearboxes is designed for heavy duty applications with a power range of up to 11,000kW (14,750HP) and a maximum torque output of 315,000NM (232,000lbft).  Units in the range are available in 14 sizes, with a wide choice of ratios available.  All HC Series gearboxes have case hardened and profile ground helical gears and spiral bevel gears on right angled units with an involute thread profile to give maximum power transmission, smooth operation and long life with maximum efficiency.

The installation of large gearboxes driving heavy plant and machinery often involves on-site re-engineering to modify the gearbox's mountings to fit the application.   To eliminate the need for this on-site customisation, and to cut the additional downtime it incurs, Renold has a bespoke design and manufacturing service for all units in the HC range.

A special design and production team will modify any unit in the range to suit a customer's exact requirements.  Foot mountings can be designed to precisely match existing fittings, special gear ratios can be provided and inputs and outputs can be designed for any drive configuration.

Typical applications include: preheater drives and cooling towers.

Renold is also expert in producing high quality custom made worms and worm wheels.
In the production of worm gearing the unique Holroyd gear form is widely respected for its performance and reliability in a wide variety of drives.  In particular in demanding applications which need strength and reliability such as coal pulverisers.

Renold supply huge centre distance worm gears up to 48" (1220mm) gearing centres, which are fitted in the coal pulveriser gearboxes of fossil fuel power stations worldwide.

Each gear set is manufactured using the highest specification, centrifugally cast, bronze alloy worm wheel rims; this ensures maximum tooth strength.

Worm shafts are manufactured from high carbon steel forgings to ensure the strongest material structure.  They are case hardened during manufacture for maximum wear resistance prior to final surface grinding.

All gears deflect and distort under load, this can result in rapid wear unless correction is applied during manufacture.  Contact prediction software developed by Renold ensures the correct contact position required for the application is achieved electronically , prior to manufacture, to ensure the worm gears are produced in the fastest possible time and that they are correct first time.

Many large worm gears need to be manufactured to particular requirements, or paired up with a worm shaft already manufactured.  Renold have devised the slug, a unique method of taking a profile from a worm shaft on site, anywhere in the world, returning the slug to Renold and replicating the profile.  State of the art measuring techniques are used to transfer the profile to a new replacement worm shaft or a master worm shaft to which a replacement worm wheel can be manufactured.  In many instances a replacement wheel can be manufactured whilst the original gear is still being used.