Renold Gears & Couplings Exhibit at METEC 2011



Renold Gears & Couplings at METEC 2011



Renold Gears & Couplings have recently exhibited at METEC 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The show ran from 28 June until 2 July.

Renold used the show to promote its range of products for the metal manufacturing and processing industries around the world.

For over 100 years, Renold has been supplying the global Metals industry with one of the best ranges of power transmission products from a single supplier.

Renold Ajax is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom gear spindles.  Success in the primary metals industry can be attributed to design innovations such as; continuous oil lubrication, roll-end piloting and compound tooth curvature.
Investment in state-of-the-art CNC machinery, continuing Research & Development and the latest solid modelling engineering techniques ensures customers receive an optimised spindle design for their application.

Renold Hi-Tec Couplings design and manufacture rubber-in-compression couplings for damping and tuning torsional vibrations in power drive lines, making them the ideal choice for steel mills where reducing torque amplifications has major cost savings in capital investment.
Rubber-in-compression couplings also have zero backlash and are maintenance free.  No lubrication or adjustment is required to the coupling which results in the lowest lifetime operating costs when compared to alternative couplings which require regular maintenance.

Renold Clutches & Couplings manufactures specialist and industrial couplings and also freewheel clutches.  The wide and varied portfolio of couplings offers torque transmission capability from 107Nm through to 4,747,000Nm, ensuring there is a coupling solution for a wide range of demanding applications.
The Renold range of Freewheel clutches features both sprag and roller ramp technology and are used in a wide range of safety critical applications in the metals industry to prevent drive reversals.  Typical applications include; fan drives, conveyors, screw down drives, roller table drives and cranes & hoists.

Renold Gears produce a diverse range of gearboxes including; worm gear, helical, bevel helical and mechanical variable speed.  Experts in package drives and special bespoke engineered solutions, Renold will work closely with customers to fulfill their specific metal industry application requirements.
Renold is also expert in producing high quality, custom made worms and worm wheels to either commercial or precision grades.
Renold Gears also offer a full gearbox service and refurbishment facility with the promise of 'Better than Before' specifications.