Reduced Lead Times for Worm Gears

WG_reduced _lead 


Renold Gears has reduced the lead times for all its worm and wheel gear sets down to as little as just eight weeks, in the case of existing designs with up to 14” centre distances. This faster service is available for customers requiring standard gearing and also for reverse engineered gears in cases where old gearing that needs to be replaced is no longer supported by the original manufacturer.  

The unique Holroyd Gear Form used by Renold in the production of worm gear sets provides unrivalled accuracy, reliability and performance on a wide variety of drives ranging from screw down mechanisms in steel mills to applications requiring ultra-precise positioning such as radio telescopes.  

To improve the performance of worm wheel hobbing machines, Renold Gears has developed the Precision Dual Lead Backlash Adjustable Worm Gear Form which is now widely used on rotary tables, cutter drives and machine tool positioning mechanisms. Other industry sectors served include mining and quarrying, civil engineering, metal manufacture, automotive and power generation.  

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