Repaired Industrial Gearboxes Better than Before

Service & Repair 

Renold Gears, has all the expertise, equipment and latest technology to not only provide a high quality, reliable and rapid industrial gearbox repair service, but, the company states that a gearbox it has repaired is usually better than when it was new. This would typically include improvements in performance, efficiency and possibly even reduced future maintenance.

In fact, when you consider the cost savings involved in repairing an industrial gearbox rather than replacing it with a completely new one – very often a repair can cost up to 40% less – it's often worth considering a repair instead of a replacement. However, when a new unit is required, Renold's engineers conduct a site survey to ensure that the new unit will fit exactly into the footprint and space envelope of the previous, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Also, replacement worm gears can be manufactured from original drawings or by employing Renold's unique method of reverse engineering by taking a profile from a worm shaft on site, anywhere in the world, using a profile plug lifting technique.

Renold is able to repair any gearbox made by any manufacturer to its original specifications or higher, including SEW, Highfield, Sumitomo, Hansen, David Brown, Siemens, Rossi and Falk. The service department will also ensure that Renold, Croft and Holroyd worm gear units are rebuilt using genuine components from the original manufacturer. When a complete overhaul is necessary electron beam welding can be used on the wormwheel for extra security on highly stressed applications.

Every stage of the repair process, including cutting, grinding, heat treatment and inspection is conducted within Renold Gears’ factory by its own highly skilled engineers. An industrial gearbox repaired by Renold will provide years of trouble-free service. It leaves the factory with a 12 month warranty and the sort of quality assurance you'd expect from a gearbox repaired by a manufacturer.

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