New SmartGearbox features oil condition monitoring system



A new SmartGearbox featuring a unique oil condition monitoring system has been launched by Renold Gears. The patented technology is 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination than a standard dielectric sensor and provides an all-round view of gearbox oil performance. It is easy to use and enables an effective way to display the real-time condition of gearbox oil. It can be used either as a stand-alone system or simply connected to a variety of control and display systems such as PLCs, Smart Phones and tablets. 

As approximately 75% of all drive system failures are the result of oil contamination the new SmartGearbox has been designed to cut downtime, reduce maintenance and the overall cost of ownership. It increases reliability and performance by continuously monitoring the condition of the oil and reports on any early signs of problems enabling immediate action to be taken.

It optimises service intervals by accurately predicting when future maintenance will be required without risking equipment performance and reliability. It also reduces expenditure on expensive lubricants and waste disposal as oil only needs to be changed when required, based on exact knowledge of its condition.

The new Renold SmartGearbox Oil Condition Monitoring System keeps equipment in optimal operating condition and reduces oil consumption creating a safer working environment. It has undergone rigorous independent testing to verify its outstanding performance and is fully certified to international standards.


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