New compact escalator drives are interchangeable with other makes

 WH Series News


Renold Gears has launched a new range of compact escalator drives with three footprint options to provide easy interchangeability with those of other manufacturers.

The unique case design ensures ease of installation for both the replacement of existing drives or in new applications without the need for re-engineering or redesign.

The new escalator drives have a compact design available as motor ready or fitted with a vertical motor, brake and flywheel package for in-truss installation. 

As a worm/helical combination unit the WH Series Compact Transit Escalator Drives are designed for high efficiency and low noise with the unique Renold Holroyd Worm Gear Form on the high speed input stage and coupled with a helical gear on the second stage. 

They have also been designed with Renold's Low Oil Level Technology that reduces operating temperature and extends operating life. Additionally this feature, combined with the optional use of non-contact labyrinth seals ensures that the new units are leak free. 

Renold Gears is renowned around the world for its heavy-duty escalator drives meeting the most arduous and demanding conditions of the London Underground and New York Subway. 

This new range of compact escalator drives provides a wider range of options for customers by extending Renold's escalator drive solutions into the mid-range of escalator drive requirements.


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