The heavy-duty leak free gearbox is here

Leak Free Gearbox 

Initially designed for heavy-duty escalator drives on the London Underground Renold Gears has launched a unique leak-free technology kit for heavy-duty gearboxes that can either be supplied with new units or retrofitted to existing ones.

After a lengthy development process, extensive testing of a gearbox fitted with the new technology showed that all components received sufficient lubrication and, most importantly, without any oil leakage. The operational temperatures were also found to be significantly lower, indicating reduced power losses of up to 14%.

Overall the results of the tests showed that the new solution operated better than the standard configuration. After delivery to Tubelines a gearbox fitted with the new leak-free kit passed all testing protocols and was eventually installed on an escalator where it has been operating satisfactorily at a busy station without any issues.

Commenting on the project, Roger Godson, of Renold Gears, said: 'We're very proud to have been invited to develop a leak-free gearbox solution for Tubelines and to have made a contribution to significantly reducing the maintenance of escalator drives on the London Underground.' 

Whilst initially designed for heavy load escalators at underground stations the new leak-free gearbox technology is perfectly suited to a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications including, conveying, mining and quarrying, cement manufacture, pumping, water and waste water treatment, metal manufacture and power generation etc.


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