High Performance Couplings Specified for New Anchor Handling/Supply Vessels


Renold Hi-Tec Couplings of Halifax, West Yorkshire has been awarded a contract to supply high performance DCB 838.0 rubber in compression shaft couplings for marine propulsion systems to be installed in a fleet of anchor handling/tug supply vessels. The first of the vessels, the MV JP Laborde, is currently under construction at the Yantai Raffles Shipyard Company Ltd in China. The couplings are to be manufactured under ABS Survey and feature oil injection shaft mounting and a drop out feature, which allows access to the motor bearings without the need to move adjacent machinery.
To be operated by Tidewater Marine of New Orleans, each 282 foot long, dynamically positioned vessel is capable of a bollard pull of over 200 tonnes and the ability to handle anchors in depths in excess of 1530m (5000ft). The GPS control will keep the vessel constantly on station; the load on the coupling is reversible and highly dynamic.

high performance marine

Renold was awarded the contract by Karl Senner Inc, who is responsible for supplying Reintjes DLG 4447U twin input/single output reduction gear for the five vessels.  
The DCB couplings are to be installed in the drive train between each of the Amerimex electric motors and the reduction gearboxes, which in turn drive the azimuth reversible thrusters, which provide the propulsion.

With a maximum torque of 5520kNm, Renold DCB couplings are ideally suited for marine propulsion, power generation and reciprocating compressor applications where fail-safe operation, long life and the control of resonant torsional vibration are essential. Other benefits derived from using Renold DCB couplings include a misalignment capability and severe shock load protection.

Andrew Broadbent, Sales Manager, Renold Hi-Tec Couplings comments: 'Once again the specification of Renold DCB couplings for safety critical marine propulsion systems is fitting testimony to their reliability and fail-safe design principles, while they remain arguably the world's best coupling for noise attenuation and damping.'

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