Abrasion resistant chain answers JCB challenge

answers JCB challenge

The very latest in golfing, farm and ground-keeping utility vehicles, the JCB Groundhog, is driven by chain after Renold were able to meet the challenge and supply a solution with long wear life and endurance. During the early stages of development it was discovered that the chain driving the prototype Groundhog’s rear wheels was wearing too rapidly.

Renold had to find a solution by supplying a chain that would operate in arduous off-road conditions and in an aggressive environment where temperatures could reach 100 degrees centigrade. The high temperature was caused by the drive chain’s close proximity to the Groundhog’s diesel engine and posed an additional problem for engineers to find a suitable lubricant.

The project ran for several months and involved Renold’s engineers working closely with JCB. Neither Renold or JCB are giving any secrets away but the solution involved the redesign of sprockets, Renold’s ultra tough Sovereign chain and a heat resistant lubricant. The result is an abrasion resistant chain drive solution with a much longer wear life.

Renold’s Sovereign chain provides a greater resistance to wear in adverse conditions such as dirty, dusty and abrasive environments. The pins on Sovereign chain feature a special surface treatment, which, when combined with the strictly controlled geometry of the bush, result in high levels of endurance in harsh environments.

Speaking of the achievement David Turner, Renold Chain’s marketing communications manager said: ‘It’s projects like this that everyone at Renold is particularly proud of. It’s an all British achievement by two great British companies working together to produce a world beating product.’

The JCB Groundhog redefines standards in utility vehicles combining comfort, strength and performance with durability. It boasts the typically rugged construction of all JCB vehicles and outclasses and outmanoeuvres its competitors. Groundhog is a truly British success.

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Renold Sovereign helps JCB