Synergy ensures higher productivity

A large manufacturer of bottle tops in the US has reduced downtime and increased production after installing Renold Synergy chain. The company manufactures bottle tops and runs its machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The firm’s engineers experimented with chain from different manufacturers but in every case it was lasting no more than six to nine months before needing replacement. What’s more, whichever chain they used suffered from rapid elongation, so regular adjustments had to be made involving the removal of chain links and precious lost production time.

Each time the chain was adjusted or replaced the machinery had to be stopped and productivity was lost that could not later be made up. After advice from a leading US distributor Renold Synergy chain was installed and so far has been running for nearly 15 months without showing any signs of wear at all. During this period machinery has not had to be stopped once to make adjustments to the chain and the increased performance is so marked that the company is intending to replace all the chain in its factories with Renold Synergy.

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