Luxury bed manufacturer gets longer life from precision clutches

Vi-Spring, the world renowned manufacturer of quality beds, has increased performance and drastically reduced maintenance on its Spuhl pocket spring making machines after fitting precision indexing clutches from Renold Clutches and Couplings of Cardiff. The previous clutches had to be routinely replaced at least once or twice a year on each of the company's eight machines. This was due to excessive wear on the internal race of the previous sprag clutches, causing them to slip, which reduces the indexing accuracy of the machine.

During the pocket spring making process the natural fibre material is pulled into the machine to a precise length,at which point the clutch engages, locking the mechanism and allowing a precision stitch to be made. To provide Vi-Spring with even greater accuracy and to reduce maintenance Renold supplied high precision indexing clutches designed with more sprags, all of which were wider than in a standard design. The increased number of sprags coupled with their additional width provides an increased contact area for greater accuracy and reduced stresses on the inner race. The new clutch Renold supplied was fitted in July 2005 and is not yet showing any signs of wear. Since then Vi-Spring have purchased 3 more clutches.

John Petrie of Vi-Spring commented: "The Renold clutch not only gives us longer life but is also substantially lower in price than the old clutch. We also get the additional benefit of a new sprocket supplied with each clutch."Vi-spring were the first company to manufacture interior sprung mattresses and in the early part of the twentieth century their beds were to be found in luxury London hotels and in the first class cabins of the great Atlantic liners such as the Queen Mary and the ill fated Titanic. Discerning travellers began demanding Vi-Spring beds for their own homes and today the company's name is synonymous with top quality, stylish beds around the world.

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