More Success for Synergy at Michelin



Michelin has significantly improved production at its factory in Stoke-on-Trent after installing Renold Synergy chain on one of its production lines. The chain has been fitted on a series of drives that rotate two 800kg reels responsible for winding up strips of rubber sandwiched around steel wire for despatch to other factories.

The production line runs 24 hours a day, six days a week, and the previous chain had to be replaced every three weeks as part of a planned maintenance regime. This involved a costly two-hour shutdown of the production line and amounted to an unacceptable level of downtime over a 12month period. As the life of the chain was the only factor determining the frequency of replacement, a longer lasting chain would obviously improve production and reduce costly downtime.

In a series of trials Michelin's engineers tested Renold Synergy chain alongside other leading brands and found that it not only outperformed all of its competitors, it also lasted six times longer than the previous chain. Since installing Synergy the chain is now replaced every 12 weeks, but because there has never been a failure it is under constant assessment and the replacement cycle is expected to be lengthened in the near future.

The increased uptime and reduced downtime is worth thousands of pounds to Michelin with increased levels of production and reduced maintenance costs. So impressive has Renold Synergy's performance been that it is now being used to solve chain problems across all of Michelin's factories in the UK.

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