Renold Clutches & Couplings launches a new range of fluid couplings

July 2007

Renold Clutches & Couplings has launched a new range of fluid couplings that are dimensionally interchangeable with units manufactured by Fluid Drive. Renold's Hydrastart range of fluid couplings has been modified to create a new range that can be selected as drop-in replacements to any Fluid Drive unit. To make things even easier a Fluid Drive FCU coupling can now be replaced with its Renold RFCU equivalent, so an FCU size 14 coupling, for example, would be replaced with an RFCU size 14.

Fluid Coupling

Previously customers ordering couplings manufactured by Renold to replace a Fluid Drive coupling would have to modify machinery in order to accommodate a dimensionally different product. Speaking about the new launch Renold Clutches & Couplings' sales director, Martin Slade, said:'This new range of couplings is intended to make things easier for all our customers. It was previously a big job to replace a fluid coupling made by one manufacturer with that of another. Hopefully this move will make things easier for everyone.