Renold Syno shows its versatility!


For a product more usually associated with clean application environments Renold Syno is versatile enough to turn up in the most eye-catching places.

A company in Michigan, USA that operates a fleet of approximately 80 cement trucks has been shown just how the performance of Renold Syno can benefit their business. Their vehicles are front discharging machines of the type shown opposite. The cement is poured down a chute that is adjusted by a roller chain.

The standard chain that had been used in conjunction with lubrication was becoming fouled by road debris and also cement from the vehicle’s cargo. This dramatically reduced the chain’s working life. With no additional lubrication required, Renold Syno has comparatively little build-up of debris and the company has seen a substantial reduction in maintenance levels.

Following their first success with 10 feet of ANSI 80 the company is looking to roll out this improvement to its fleet; another triumph for Renold Syno!

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Syno Maintenance Free Chain

Syno on cement truck
Example of front-discharging truck