Roller Coaster gets Innovative Chain Solution

Drawing on years of experience of supplying special conveyor chain to theme park rides, we are pleased to have recently supplied an innovative chain solution to a roller-coaster at one of Europe's largest theme parks.

 REC 1090 Renold Chain Is Solution For Roller Coaster

Manufactured at our UK service centre, the new chain was coated with our dual-process surface treatment that was specially developed for chain to be used on theme park rides and in particular, water rides. The treatment increases wear life, reduces friction and protects against corrosion. Even if the coating is scratched, or otherwise penetrated, it still provides superior corrosion protection.

The chain was designed and manufactured to a non-standard width and fitted with wear blocks on every pitch to guide the chain and protect the pins. Speaking of the order, Alec Annand, operations manager at our UK service centre, said: 'We're delighted to have been chosen to supply the chain required for this iconic roller-coaster, especially as we won the contract on the key issues of quality, cost, and delivery. We were able to manufacture and dispatch the chain within 8 weeks of receiving the initial order.'