Lubrication-free chain solves wear problems at paint roller plant


A company manufacturing paint rollers in the USA has successfully solved a problem it was experiencing with excessive chain wear by specifying Renold Syno lubrication-free chain. Engineers at Sherwin-Williams’ paint roller manufacturing plant, in Deshler, were experiencing problems with excessive chain wear caused by fibres from the paint rollers bonding to the lubricated chain and quickly destroying it. Despite using low levels of lubricant and taking other preventative steps the chain was elongating within weeks and binding as it passed through the clamp mechanisms that make the rollers.

Renold Syno lubrication-free chain was installed in December 2004 and since then it has required no maintenance and has eliminated the problem of binding as it passes through the clamps. To keep the chain clean and free from fibres all that is required is a shot of compressed air once a week to blow off any dust that has accumulated on it.


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